Option to Bulk Edit/Update Show Single Variations Visibility

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Option to Bulk Edit/Update Show Single Variations Visibility

It will be a good feature to add a feature for the Show Single Variations an option bulk edit/update Variations Visibility. For a case where It will save time to make this job manually for a shop with so many products. (e.g 500+ products)
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James Kemp admin 6 months ago

Hey all,

We're still working on this internally, but Jose over at WP Sheet Editor has made it simple for you in the meantime. Here's a guide he wrote: https://iconicwp.com/go/sheet-editor-ssv/

shandysuta 7 months ago

The reason I registered on this site is to second this.

Please make it true 🙂


Hi Shan,

Noted, We are already working on this feature. 🙂


Hi Guys,

To give you an update about this feature request, our developers are already working on it and we hope to add this in the official release soon.

You can add your vote for this feature request so you can get notified via email for every update about this feature.

Stay awesome!


Yes please we really need this feature. Imagine the time the client will save not having to go into each and every product to CHANGE the variation pricing. This is very time-consuming. This would be a very valuable feature that most people would want that's for sure, especially if you have many products.


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