Only show product bumps on single product pages

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Only show product bumps on single product pages

We are using another plugin to show all of our products in a table with the Add to Basket button. This was causing a conflict as the hook you were using to display the product bumps (frequently bought together) was the same as the Products Table. This caused the product bumps to be shown in the table, massively reducing the performance of the table. I wanted to use the filter iconic_wsb_product_page_order_bump_render_hook to stop it being called when not on a single product page. Due to where this hook is being called, I could not get access (that I know of) to any of the conditional WordPress tags. Instead I have resorted to making a change to one the php files to achieve what I needed. wp-content/plugins/iconic-woo-sales-booster/inc/product-page/class-order-bump-product-page-manager.php public function frontend_product_page_order_bump() { if (!is_single()) return; // rest of the method…. }
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