Make Product image sticky on mobile

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Make Product image sticky on mobile

If there are a lot of configurations, the image becomes hidden as the user is configurating. This removes one of the best features of your plugin (dynamic updating of image layers). As a result I’d like to be able to set the image as ‘sticky’ until the user scrolls past the Add to Cart button. I’m sure it can be done with custom CSS but an option in the plugin would be ideal.
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  1. Avatar James Kemp says:

    Hey, my only concern with this is it’s highly theme dependent. I’ll leave it published here anyway to see what people think. perhaps it’d make a good setting for our WooThumbs plugin.

  2. Avatar Devaghost says:

    I am late to comment but I just saw it. I use both the Configurator and Woothumbs and went through just about every sticky plugin and found that Stick on Scroll works (it’s the only one I could get to work) if you set it to stick “.iconic-woothumbs-all-images-wrap.”

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