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Hi, I choose to show swatches in the catalog with the ability to change the product image when clicking on the swatch. The problem is that the ‘shop_thumbnail’ that is shown by default by this plugin is using an image that is small (300×300) and images in the catalog have (400×400) and when I click and the image changed the variation image is blurry. I use a workaround by creating a filter and I think this could be implemented easily without any side effects. Filter names should be established by the development team and also documented. Below is my example. In class_products.php line::468 I changed this: $thumbnail_size = Iconic_WAS_Helpers::get_image_size_name( ‘shop_thumbnail’ ); with: $thumbnail = Iconic_WAS_Helpers::get_image_size_name( ‘shop_thumbnail’ ); $thumbnail_size = apply_filters( ‘iconic_catalog_product_thumbnail_size’, $thumbnail ); Then you can use it in your theme functions.php file: add_filter( ‘iconic_catalog_product_thumbnail_size’, function($size) { return ‘custom_size’; }); NOTE: I know I can rebuild my entire media with a new catalog size but I have more than 10k images. Have a nice day
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