Enable bulk import/export

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Enable bulk import/export

We do most of our inventory management with external processes and import via the CSV product importer ( we will be moving to an API at some point). As such, we needed to be able to set the product bumps via the same method. I have made a modification to allow the product bumps to be written and read from the meta table as a string. wp-content/plugins/iconic-woo-sales-booster/inc/product-page/abstracts/class-order-bump-product-page-manager-abstract.php public function update_bump_products($product_id, $bump_products) { update_post_meta($product_id, $this->get_meta_key(), implode(",", $bump_products)); } public function get_bump_products_ids($product_id) { $bump_ids = (array) explode(",", get_post_meta($product_id, $this->get_meta_key(), true)); return apply_filters('iconic_wsb_product_page_order_bump_ids', array_filter($bump_ids), $this, $product_id); }
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