Efficiencies (on a very large site)

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Efficiencies (on a very large site)

I use lots of plugins. You do really good work. It’s not until or unless you’re building a very large site (and dealing with WordPress’s built-in inefficiencies and carpal tunnel) that you would notice little details that add up. Woothumbs – The ability to change the default from 15 to “all.” Image Swatches -Similar to Woothumbs, the ability to set the global global default to something other than 30 – round. I’d be surprised if anyone uses 30 px round images. Image Swatches and Configurator. (WordPress and lots of images – you know, please shoot me). It would be hugely helpful to be able to select the images for all terms in bulk – with some kind of list, maybe the way that Woothumbs works. Making them work with Enhanced Media library or Media Library Assistant – anything to reduce ‘click, click, wait, wait, wait, click, click, click,’ for the swatch, repeat for the configurator – several thousand times, in my case.
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