Custom Swatches For Linked Variations Plugin

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Custom Swatches For Linked Variations Plugin

Linked Variations Plugin is a great Woo Plugin on the market. But right now, it’s only 2 styles display: product img and text. If you add custom swatches feature to it, this plugin will be perfect to go!
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  1. razorfrog says:

    Really need this on a clothing site – thanks!

  2. st025 says:

    I had not seen this proposal and posted a similar one today. My proposal is to at least make the two plugins compatible so that if someone wants both features to be able to combine them by buying separately each of the plugins.

  3. Rasim says:

    This is also exactly what I want.

  4. gonz74 says:

    I really need it

  5. James Hunter says:

    I would also really like this. I have a work around for the time being and changed the images to colour by css but would rather have this feature

  6. derezzed78 says:

    Please my client need this.

  7. derezzed78 says:

    Hi James, can you please share the work around? Much appreciated.

  8. murtazataqvi says:

    Much needed feature! Please add it.

  9. Gul Hasan says:

    Badly need it. Would be great if it could be added.

  10. hasantaqvi says:

    Kindly add this feature. Need it on my Electronics store.

  11. gwoeginger says:

    This would be amazing + also kind of a necessity for a premium shop

  12. Wolfgang says:

    We sell a product in different flavors. We purchased Linked Variations because we wanted customers to be able to easily review just 1x (for reward) each product iteration, something possible with variable products. The issue we have discovered is that because our product box is so similar across flavors that the Linked Variations option is not ideal. We need to be able to replace the standard image with one of our choosing. As an example, we would create flavor icons to make it easy for customers to sort through the flavor options. As it is now, each icon is a nearly identical box.

  13. Atlier says:

    I would also like this feature to be added, since it would be a necessity in our shop.

  14. ciszere says:

    Really hope this will come soon 🙂

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