Change allowed delivery dynamically times...

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Change allowed delivery dynamically times...

You currently have a php example of: Change allowed delivery days dynamically Is there a way to do this for times? For example: We have an Asian restaurant that has lunch specials. We would like to cutoff the the orders of 3 items at 3pm every day. Any ideas? I reviewed your hooks and did not see one suited for this? Thank you, for writing and maintaining such a great program!!!
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  1. James Kemp says:

    Hey, Please could you clarify a bit more about how this would work so I understand completely?

  2. TeriyakiSecret says:


    The variables are, blocks of hours, days and items.

    Want to be able to schedule an item to be available for a block of hours.
    For example, one or more item numbers are available only on Fridays from 11AM to 3 PM. Therefore, if our customer tried to order this item or items at 4pm they could not order.

    Again, your php example: “Change allowed delivery days dynamically” does this perfectly, except it does not have a way to block out the hours.

    Does this help?


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