(BONUS) Allowing only a certain number of product X to be delivered per day and/or timeslot

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(BONUS) Allowing only a certain number of product X to be delivered per day and/or timeslot

..that one is probably a bit more difficult to implement, but it would make the plugin perfect for food ordering services of all kinds (or other stuff thats produced just in time): Beeing able to set maximum deliveries per day or timeslot for each product individually (or at least per product category..)
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  1. doubleupi says:

    This is feature would be a big win for us. Would love to see this make it into the product. The ability to limit the number of items shipped per day/timeslot is something that we really need for our new site launch.

  2. This feature might be very helpful. We give the delivery service for pizza and sometimes there are too many products in the order and the delivery come with delay.

  3. robbycd says:

    Agreed. For food ordering (Fish and Chip portions etc) a total number of products allowed in a timeslot would be really helpful.

    Without a control over the product order size in a slot alternative rules have to be set up to cover this… like limiting individual order size for a shipping type) and this leads to a reduced capacity.

  4. MikeV says:

    This would be amazing I have 2 clients begging for this functionality

  5. potagermark says:

    This would be a game changer – as it stands we cannot reliably fill every time slot to full capacity – we’re limited by products we can produce rather than number of orders and have to use a messy number of orders/max order size workaround…

  6. pizzapizza says:

    This is exactly what we need for our pizza pop-up series! We can only sell two pizzas every fifteen minutes, and these can be bought by two customers buying one pizza each, or one customer buying both.

    Thank you.

  7. ben.hargrave says:

    We need this too, for a bunch of clients.

  8. mredodos says:

    i have a lot of customer need it 🙂 pls implement!

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