Ajax filters working properly with "woocommerce show single variations"

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Ajax filters working properly with "woocommerce show single variations"

I’m using “Woocommerce show single variations” and the filters don’t work when it comes to use ajax filters in order to ease the user experience. The attributes doesn’t display in the filters options so the product variations can not be filtered.
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  1. AnotherCreative says:

    This is an absolute must for the final piece of our merchandising strategy.

    Would love to see this implemented.

  2. scholto.bos says:

    Would be the combi to make product search complete!

  3. scholto.bos says:

    For Customers information,

    I tested this plugin in combination with:
    – WooCommerce Product Filter (WooBeWoo)
    – WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter (YITH)
    – WooCommerce AJAX Products Filter (BeRocket)
    – WordPress Meta Data and Taxonomies Filter (MDTF)

    All of them are Ajax driven and at this moment not compatible with Woocommerce show single variations. Only WoobeWoo has the opportunity to disable Ajax completely.

  4. scholto.bos says:

    In addition to previous comments: ‘Woocommerce show single variations’ also isn’t working in conjunction with Search and Filter Pro, also when Ajax is unchecked there still is some js that prevents loading any of the single variations.

    Careful conclusion after testing the 5 of the bigger ajax filter plugins the last days: none of them shows single variations after filtering, except for Woobewoo, but then you have to dactivate ajax from form.

    Hope this input will help for Iconic developers.

  5. Frank says:

    Sorry to ask… but am I getting it right:

    If I disable ajax for the product variations… will there be a complete reload of the selected variation or is it just not working?

  6. scholto.bos says:

    @frank what do you mean? This topic is about other filter plugins and the fact they are not working together with the iconic single product variations plugin. So I don’t understand the relationship with your question? Could you make yourself more clear?

  7. guilherme.frisoni says:

    Plus one for this feature. Really wanted.

  8. Ancher says:

    Yes this would be incredible. Most modern pages uses ajax search/filter.

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