Adding Wishlist to the My account endpoint.

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Adding Wishlist to the My account endpoint.

I'm using your Account Pages and Wishlist plugins. This is just a simple or direct setup I had in mind but having issues instead. I simply would like to include the Wishlist page as endpoint to the My account page, that's it. The Wishlist has already been added to the tabs/links but upon clicking it, it will go to the page entirely, I didn't assign the Wishlist page on the settings. But instead I put the shortcode [iconic_ww_wishlists] to the page, Screenshots: I've already asked support and they said, "I really apologize about that, I re-confirmed and our developer mentioned that we really don't have this feature yet and the best thing we can do for now is by raising this as a feature request. As I mentioned in my previous email you can always raise this in this link:-"
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