Add delivery slot to orders added manually by admin

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Add delivery slot to orders added manually by admin

I would like to be able to add a delivery slot to an order added in the woocommerce back end. If a customer has called to book a delivery over the phone, I would like the admin to be able to make that hour slot unavailable.
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pizzahead 2 weeks ago

This is very important for the Admin to be able to manually take open (not yet reserved..) time slots, especially for a small company that has limited product available for that day. Once the available product is sold for the day, the admin should be able to close the rest of the open time slots without changing the calendar settings or be able to take phone reservations and add them as needed. I am surprised there are not more requests for this feature and the request is 2 years old and not implemented.


My site processes a lot of telephone orders so this is essential. I would much rather use your plugin than tyche software's (who I use currently), but theirs has the ability to add via admin so at the moment it's the only one I can use.

David Herrera 2 years ago

Honestly this is super important, so is being able to edit the date/time through the admin. I wouldn’t have bought this plugin knowing this feature is unavailable. Admins should be able to change these type of things. In my opinion this is an incomplete plugin that shouldn’t be sold yet.


Voting for this. We have delivieries where we have to change the date or time slots - either due to customer or admin. Would be nice to be able to edit.

Jhim admin 2 years ago

Noted. Thank you for voting for this feature request.

ben.hargrave 2 years ago

This is cropping up a bit for us. Current workaround is to add as customer note, but this makes it difficult to locate when processing orders.

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