WooThumbs v4.5.0

A new “minor” release of WooThumbs – Awesome Product Imagery for WooCommerce is here, and we have some awesome updates for you!

Redux Framework

When I first built WooThumbs, I spent a while looking into the best framework for offering comprehensive settings. Redux came up a few times and I decided to implement it.

It offered a fantastic interface, but also came with a few disadvantages. Many people are not keen on installing an additional plugin, just to have WooThumbs working. Redux also often implement adverts into the settings page when WP_DEBUG┬áis enabled, or you are building a site locally. I didn’t like this.

The good news: Redux has been removed completely from WooThumbs in favour of my own open source settings framework. This also means TGM has been removed, which sometimes caused conflicts when a theme was using an older version of the TGM class.

Your current settings should be auto transitioned to the new settings panel, but it’s worth backing up before installing this version, just in case!

WP All Import

It’s been requested a few times; the ability to import additional variation images when using WP All Import.

I’ve now implemented a function that handles this. To use it, simply enter a comma separated list of images into an “images” column in your import spreadsheet. You can import remote images, images already in your media library, or images uploaded to the wp-content/uploads/wpallimport/files/ folder; just choose your method when adding the images field data.

Screenshot 2016-08-22 13.54.54

The first image will be added as the variation featured image, and the rest will be added as additional images. You can do this at initial import, or as an update to existing items (as shown above). Simple!

Renamed Plugin

This won’t change anything for your customers, but it’s worth noting that the plugin has been renamed to cater for the Iconic branding. This means you will need to delete the old version, and upload a fresh copy of the plugin from CodeCanyon. Again, probably worth doing a backup first!

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  1. Peter Hewson says:

    Hi James. I’m a big fan of this plugin and how it helped us with our WC
    store, so I wrote a short review in our blog:
    https://www.cordestra.com/w… . I hope that going full-time at Iconic is working out for you. Keep these excellent plugins coming!

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