WooCommerce Show Single Variations v1.1.9 - Release Notes

I’ve just released v1.1.9 of WooCommerce Show Single Variations.

Release Highlights

New: Star Ratings for Variations

Variations will now inherit the star ratings of their parent product. This really completes the appearance of variations when they’re displayed within the catalog.

New: Variations Inherit the Menu order of Their Parent Product

It’s a feature that’s been requested time-and-time again; variations are now sorted alongside their parent (or where the parent would be, if it is hidden) in the catalog listings when using the default ordering.

This feature was very complicated to develop. Initially I wanted to use post meta for this, but found on large stores it became very, very slow. The final solution utilises some SQL magic which means the catalog pages will load just as quick as before.

New: Variations in Up Sells / Cross Sells

Some of you may have experienced issues showing your variations in up sells or cross sells if your parent product was set to “hidden”. Well this is no longer an issue. If your variation is visible in the catalog, you’ll be able to show it in the up sells or cross sells, regardless of its parent’s visibility settings.


  • Fix issue with bulk toggling visibility settings.
  • Disabled add to cart button not working when ajax add to cart is enabled.
  • Make sure hidden variations are not shown.
  • Issue where variation visibility was reset on bulk actions.
  • Potential issue where is_ajax() is undefined.
  • Prevent variations appearing in catalog after purchase.
  • Variation titles being overwritten, breaking alphabetical sorting.

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