WooCommerce Delivery Slots Updates

WooCommerce Delivery Slots has had a few notable updates since v1.7.0 (currently at v1.7.2 at the time of writing). Let’s take a look at what’s been done.


Compatibility with other plugins is important to maintain happy customers. As such, we’ve added compatibility for:

  • WooCommerce Shipping Zones
    Choose which zone-based methods delivery slots will be displayed for at checkout.
  • Multi Step Checkout Plugin
    The plugin works seamlessly with a multi step checkout.
  • Table Rate Shipping
  • Table Rate Shipping Plus
  • WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

Time Slot Specific Functionality

The time slot functionality is ever popular, so we’ve added some more functionality to them. You can now:

  • Add “Allow Bookings up to X Minutes Before Slot” to each timeslot. Overrides default.
  • Show slots only if a specific shipping method has been selected.

Checkout Fields Actions and Filters

We’ve added some very useful actions and filters to the checkout fields template. These are:








Example – Change the field labels:

Example – Set a default value:

Other Additions

On top of all that, we’ve also added:

  • Holidays can be added as a range of dates.
  • Reduce database interactions for slot lookup.
  • Delete reservation when order is cancelled or deleted.
  • Selectable dates will change based on selected shipping method.
  • Calendar will open on first available date.

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