A Simple CRM for WooCommerce - Helping You to Make More Money from Your Store

We’ve all done it, we’ve spent ages getting the front of our WooCommerce stores set up and we make it easy for people to buy from us. We use great plugins to control exactly how our products display to visitors, such as quick view, zoomers and various sliders.

We have the perfect storefront. Yet we are probably missing one of the easiest ways to make extra money from our store. That trick is to use a CRM to know more about the customers who buy your products – then use this information to make it easier for future customers.

The CRM which works great with WooCommerce is Zero BS CRM and the WooCommerce extension and in this post I look at an example of a real wine store (selling both online and from a wine cellar) to detail the power of Zero BS CRM in particular.

What’s a CRM and how can I use it to make more money?

If you’ve not thought of using a CRM before I don’t blame you, neither did I. However, using a CRM has really helped in increasing money from my WooCommerce store and it can help you too.

What can you do to make more from your store, consistently and without too much effort?

The Answer is simple. Give people what they want, when they want it.

Most “Customers” who buy your products don’t just land on your site and buy straight away, they go through a journey before parting with their cash. Here’s a typical journey someone might take

  • They find out about your product through a 3rd party site
  • They read your sales material
  • They sign up for your email list (using a form on your site)
  • They may even contact you with pre-sales questions
  • Eventually, they purchase from you
  • The may even purchase again from you

Understanding this journey can help you sell more to your future customers. Giving them what they want when they want it through understanding your existing customers and what they buy (and when they buy it).

Zero BS CRM spotlight: A wine storefront.

This website sells various wines through their site and a physical wine cellar. The store is building up a lot of orders in WooCommerce.  That’s great. However, through using Zero BS CRM and the WooCommerce extension the offering to customers can be improved and here’s how they can do it.

With a one-click import, Zero BS CRM will collate the data together on the customers into a single customer by customer view.  Through this data the store owner can easily

  • See which customers have ordered which wine
  • See which customers are repeat customers (i.e. order count)
  • See how much each customer has spent in total
  • Find out which customers are high value and spend a lot with you

Through using the data from Zero BS CRM the wine shop can also find out which wines are most popular and on average what the total value of customers are (which can help determine how much to spend when it comes to acquiring new customers).

Through analysing the product sales performance using Sales Dashboard (another extension to Zero BS CRM) each product can be analysed to see which are worth promoting further.

Having this type of data at your fingertips helps you when preparing the next step. Increasing sales to existing customers, learning from your customers and making it easy to purchase

Increasing Sales From Existing Customers

Here’s where the CRM really comes into its own and where the real money can be made. Contacting your customers. Before contacting your customers, you should analyse the data in your CRM, what the wine store might find is the following information

  • 90% of people who buy Product A, also buy Product B – this means sending a follow up communication to Product A customers letting them know about Product B is a sure fire way to increase sales.
  • 10% of customers bring in 80% of the revenue – these customers can be classed as VIP and targeted communications (VIP deals) sent to them. You know these people spend money
  • Certain People like specific wines (white wine, or red wine) if launching a new wine of a particular variety, you’re likely to get more sales if you specifically target people who have already bought similar wines in the past.

This is all possible through Zero BS CRM and the Mail Campaigns extension to target customers based on tags, keywords or total value. Sending a personalised, targeted email increases the chances of an additional purchase.

Example, email sent to purchasers of a Pinot Grigio, white wine, spending on average $100-$200

Hi {firstname}

We’re just about to get stock in for a brand new Grigio, this is a top notch, bestseller and we’re giving this away at $99 a case until Friday

Check it out here

Grab them quick before they run out!

Example, email sent to purchasers of a Merlot, spending $10-$20

Hi {firstname}

Good news. We’ve got a new Cabernet in stock. This wine is loved by our Merlot drinkers worldwide and they’d recommend it as a great alternative

We’ve got just 10 left in stock, priced at $14.99. Get yours today

So, using this type of communication means you target exactly the right people, giving them what they want, when they want it.  Do you think that people who like the more expensive white wine, would purchase the cheaper red?

No, they wouldn’t. So why bother them with an email and perhaps put them off you for good?

Learning from your Customers

The data can be used in other ways too. You may find out from your product analysis that people who buy Red Wine: Type A also buy Rose Wine: Type C. In this case you can refine the individual product page for your Red Wine Type A to show a specific advert for the Rose Wine.

The advert is backed up by real data, and therefore is likely to increase click throughs and purchases vs showing an advert for a completely unrelated wine.

The same goes for the website home page. If your data is showing you that a particular wine is very popular in your physical location then you can display this prominently on your store. The example site uses PayPal Here to collect payments in the wine cellar and these sales are automatically added to the CRM data to complement the WooCommerce online orders.

Making it easy to purchase

It doesn’t just stop at customers though, remember the customer journey above? Here it is again

  • They find out about your product through a 3rd party site
  • They read your sales material
  • They sign up for your email list (using a form on your site)
  • They may even contact you with pre-sales questions
  • Eventually, they purchase from you
  • The may even purchase again from you

Whenever you capture the email of someone, they become a lead in Zero BS CRM and you can use the CRM to foster a relationship and turn these prospects into customers easily (increasing your sales).

Zero BS CRM doesn’t just use existing data on customers, it can link in with various website form software to collect leads, the CRM supports the following

  • Gravity Forms
  • Contact Form 7
  • Plus an API for easy lead collection

It even has built in lead generation forms to make it even easier.

This lets you see everything in one place through the CRM dashboard and you can use this information to convert more leads into customers. See how many leads you have and how these are moving along to being customers.

The data from your existing customers can be used to help turn more leads into customers through understanding what leads need to become a customer.

Did your existing customer contact you prior to purchase? Did they have a particular question? If this happens as part of your sales process you may want to consider offering it to future prospective customers and make it easier for them to become a customer

In the above example, a lead was unclear about the purchase, but after a quick Google Hangout chat they became a customer. Offering this to future potential customers (without them having to ask first) can help to increase how many sales you make through your store.

But, how hard is all this? Doesn’t it cost a lot?

It’s really easy. Zero BS CRM does the majority of the work for you by importing your WooCommerce data and giving you the tools to analyse it. The rest is up to you such as drafting which emails to send and when to send them.

The benefits of using the CRM for any online business outweigh the price of using the software. There’s some great bundles available for people wanting to leverage the full power of the CRM (such as the Sales Dashboard, Mail Campaigns plus much more).

The most popular is the Entrepreneur’s Bundle, which gives access to every extension, and every future release. At only $199 this is bargain given the potential to increase sales through your WooCommerce store.

If you’ve not considered using a CRM before I hope this has been a useful spotlight. The same concepts can be applied to any online (or offline) business.

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