New in WooCommerce Delivery Slots

WooCommerce Delivery Slots allows you to set delivery date and time options for your customers to choose at checkout.

The customer can select a day for delivery, or if enabled, choose a time slot for their order to arrive.

I’m happy to say that based on feedback from our customers, we’ve added some exciting new features.

Lets take a look at what’s new:

ASAP Delivery Slot

You’ll find the new ASAP Delivery Slots checkbox in the Time Settings tab.

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This new feature is for those customers who simply can’t wait for their order… (or those who forgot that special anniversary or birthday).

Enable this option and your customers will see ASAP appear as an option in the time slot dropdown during checkout.

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Exclude products

WooCommerce Delivery Slots has always been a great solution for getting orders out on time and meeting customers needs.

Which is awesome! But sometimes we’ve noticed the store owner can lose out in the process.

If you offer products which are difficult to fulfil alongside your standard product range, then this option is for you.

New to the general settings tab you’ll find the Exclude products field. Start typing the name of the product you’d like to exclude and then select it from the list of products displayed. Repeat this for as many products you’d like to excluded.

If an excluded item is in the cart, the delivery date and time options will be disabled during the checkout process.

Exclude categories

In a similar process to Excluded Products, you can also disable the delivery date and time options via product categories.

Below the Excluded Products field, in the general settings tab, you’ll see a list of categories. Check one or more of these categories to disable the date and time fields at checkout if a product in your cart belongs to them.

An example of this is a fresh food store. There may be a category of food types which have an unknown lead time as they are hand-prepared. To disable the delivery date and time when a product from this category is in your cart, check the category in the settings.

Same Day/Next Day Delivery fees

There’s always a cost to fulfilling customer orders and sometimes you have to go that extra mile to make sure you remain competitive.

But should that mean that your business should loose out? We don’t think so. That’s why Iconic has included fee options for same and next day deliveries.

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You’ll find the fees section inside the delivery date tab. Add the price you wish to charge in each field and save.

This is a great solution whether you deliver the items yourself, or use a third party for expedited orders.

Change the delivery date and time in admin for existing orders

You can now change order delivery dates and times in a few clicks within the admin area.

To edit, go in to the customer order, scroll down and you’ll see two new fields.

Select a new date for delivery (and time slot, if applicable) and hit update.

New Shortcode: Next available delivery date


Ever viewed something online and wondered how long until you could have it in your hands? Give your customers a heads up on when it could arrive via this handy shortcode!

Let your WooCommerce customers know your next available delivery date.Click To Tweet

Insert this shortcode on any page to display the next available delivery date.

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  1. Iman says:

    It’s nice but I have a question: Can we Exclude products for ASAP feature?

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