New Features - WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

We recently released our WooCommerce Attribute Swatches plugin, and so far we’ve had some fantastic feedback.


This plugin is amazing. It does was it says it does. It is super easy to use and customize, and the support is TOP-NOTCH!

This week, we’re pleased to announce some fantastic new features!

WooCommerce Quickview Compatibility

The key new feature is compatibility with WooCommerce Quickview. When using WooCommerce Attribute Swatches alongside WooCommerce quickview, your customers’ experience will be greatly enhanced.

Really happy with the plugin – it works perfectly.

Any swatches you have defined will be displayed within the Quickview modal. All swatch features, like toolitps, swatch images, etc, will work just as smoothly inside Quickview.

Using the two plugins together is a fantastic way to speed up and visually improve your customer’s experience, leading to an increase in sales.

Click Disabled Swatches

Swatches are disabled for two reasons; they aren’t available with your current selection, or they lead to a different final variation.

If a swatch is disabled because it isn’t available within your current selection, and you click it, any swatch that you’ve chosen will be reselected if it is available with the new swatch you’ve clicked. This is a great feature, as it saves your customer time in reselecting options that they’ve already clicked.

Highly recommend anything from this author.

If a swatch is disabled because it leads to a different final variation, the same will happen as above. For example, you could have your variable product set up so that each colour option is a final variation. If the user selects a colour first, and then a size, the other colours will be disabled. Allowing the disabled swatch to be clicked makes it very easy for your customers to switch between final variations without having to select all the other options again.

Select Field Labels

If you choose for an¬†attribute to use the default dropdown field, you will still get the “selected attribute” feature. This feature places the selected attribute value next to the field label, indicating to the customer that they’ve selected an option for that attribute, and what the selected option is.

Still to Come

We’ve got a good selection of new features in the pipeline, including swatches in the catalog listing pages, swatches in the sidebar filters, and more swatch customisation options. Keep an eye out for all the latest releases from Iconic!

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